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  3. Saturday, April 05 2014, 08:34 AM
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Where can i get lowest finance interest rates on Hyundai Xcent in New Delhi. What is the criteria for obtaining 100% finance for salaried on Hyundai Xcent Sedan in Delhi
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Hyundai Xcent is one of the most popular Sedan cars - post its launch

Every bank is offer competitive pricing on Hyundai Xcent

Private Banks are offering as low as 10.5% and even offering 50% Processing Fees Waiver - for select Elite Customer Profile. 

Do note 10.5% is benchmark rate, general rate will prevail which is 11% to 11.5% with most of the private banks

PSU Banks however are offering same rate - 10.25% to 10.95% (SBI, PNB, IDBI Bank, State Bank Associates)

Its a general interest rate range. In terms of obtaining 100% finance on Hyundai Xcent 

> You should have clean CIBIL Score of 760+

> Excellent banking, Job Stability, Positive Verfication Reports

> Has Salary Account and a 24 month + Clean Repayment Track Record

> Works in a company which is listed on A+ Elite Category list of Bank

May be then you can speak for 100% Ex-showroom Finance, else may choose SBI which offers 85% On Road Funding - equivalent to good 95% of Ex-showroom Price of Car.
[i]Hope it helps !![/i]

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